Kitchen and bathroom floors are often surfaced with tiles and where there are tiles surfaces there will be grouts. Grout cleaning is essential whether it is for your shower walls, kitchen floor or backsplashes, bathroom floor or walls, and your laundry room floor. These are the areas that are mostly covered in the house where there is a regular movement. This is the reason why the tiles surfaces are hard to clean even after the day to day cleaning. The traditional detergents are of no use if you want tiles and the grouts to be clean. Even you use a mop or any other tool to clean your tiles floor can’t reach the grout linings, that’s why they become dirty and catch the filth and other impurities or bacteria easily. However if your grout lining in not permanently sealed and protected then there is a chance to gather mildew and other contaminations that not dangerous but also gives a bad look to your room.


We as a bathtub refinishing company provides the services in grout cleaning and re-grouting so before you think of replacing your tiles surfaces, which is an overwhelming and costly process you should consider our services which are most affordable and less time-consuming. The grout cleaning is the process where our experts will first clean the contamination off the grout linings and then re-grout the linings making sure the missing or damaged grouts are sealed and protected. This will help to stop leaks and prevent bacteria, filth, and mildew from forming into the grouts and also increase the color preservation and stain protection in the areas that are used often, leaving your tile surface to look new again for the years to come.


Bathtub pro provides you with the services of grout cleaning and re-grouting in Toronto and Oakville. While undertaking the process our experts will provide feasible outcomes after examining the tiles and grouting. Apart from grout cleaning and re-grouting, we also provide renovation services for your house which includes tiles cleaning, cabinets refinishing, countertop refinishing, tiles refinishing, tiles Steam cleaning, and sink refinishing. We make sure that we meet our client’s requirement and make it a reality for them. So choose Bathtub pro’s affordable and reliable services that will save you more money and time and leave your bathroom and kitchen looking fresh and brand new.