Having trouble cleaning your tiles in your home? We know that floor tiles is one of the toughest challenges when it comes to cleaning on a regular basis. In most of the houses, they are covered on the bathroom and kitchen floors where there is a continuous movement. This the reason why after a while they start to lose their shine, become dull before time and become dirty by getting tough stains which are hard to clean even through the day to day cleaning. The tiles are easy to crack if you drop a heavy item on it, as they are not made from a rigid material so the grouts and the cracks then attract filth and other types of dirt that are also hard to clean and also makes the tiles look ugly. Having said that, now you’re thinking of renovating your floor tiles because you want the shine back when you first moved in. But replacing the tiles can cost you thousands of dollars which is also a time consuming and overwhelming process.


Tile Refinishing also goes by the name of, tiles reglazing, tiles resurfacing, tiles repairing, etc. It is an alternative process of replacing the tiles completely. It is a cost-efficient and reliable process which also consumes less time. In Tiles Refinishing process your current tiles are professionally refined but first, all the contaminations are cleaned off before applying the new coat. While refining the tiles all the imperfections are covered, cracks and grouts linings are filled and permanently sealed. The tiles refinishing can help you bring back the new shine and color and even allows you coat a new color of your choice or you can choose to give it a new look with our stone colors and textures.


Bathtub pro provides you with the services of Tiles refinishing in Tiles Cleaning in Toronto and Mississauga. While undertaking the process our experts will provide feasible outcomes after examining the tiles and floor. Apart from Tiles Refinishing, we also provide Renovation services in Toronto for your house which includes tiles cleaning, cabinets refinishing, countertop refinishing, sink refinishing, tiles Steam cleaning, and grout cleaning and regrouting. We make sure that we meet our client’s requirement and make it a reality for them. So choose Bathtub pro’s affordable and reliable services that will save you more money and time and leave your bathroom looking fresh and brand new.